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Freezing camera.


I have freezing happening.  For the first few seconds of a meeting all is well.  Then all the pictures freeze.  Note:

  • apparently MY picture is not freezing for others
  • if someone shares a screen, I can see it no issue.
  • Internet connection:  This happens at both my home and business offices, and this is the ONLY problem I am having.   I have had both internet connections checked and there is no issue with either.
  • Close unnecessary applications and tabs: This happens even if zoom is the ONLY thing open on the computer.
  • Update brower/system: regularly
  • Update zoom app: I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times.  The first meeting after a reinstallation sometimes will work. 
  • I am in Chrome but not on a Chromebook. 
  • I cannot figure out where to find the 'video settings'.  I have tried to follow the directions to my account, settings, etc etc.  Video settings is not an option.