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My friend is computer illiterate. She is the problem in our group. When her audio is turned on, when all the other members of the group speak, all our voices echo and conversation is impossible. The friend does not hear the echo. When she turns her audio off the problem disappears. We have been meeting weekly for 3 years and this problem has only occurred recently. The friend denies any changes to her settings etc. She has reloaded Zoom with out resolving the problem. She has a Chromebook and Hey Google.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Your friend is using open speakers in her room. So, when anybody speaks, that comes out her speakers and right into her microphone, therefore you all here it twice. Once in the meeting the first time, and once coming back into  the meeting from your friends microphone.


Your friend could easily solve this by putting earbuds or headphones on. Or, if it didn't used to it and she was still using open speakers, then you'll want to have her take a look at Original Sound for Musicians. If this feature is turned-on it will disable the echo cancellation, which could also be the cause of this issue.


Here is a link to the article... keep in mind that you are wanting to see if this has been enabled, and if it has you need to disable it.

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen