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Dual monitors only when screen sharing?


When using the dual monitors setting, can it be configured to only show shared content and not speaker video? I really enjoy being able to see larger views of the shared content but find it very distracting to have the participants video HUGE when content is not being shared.



Why not use single monitor mode if you only wish to see the shared content?


@ChrisO Sorry if I wasn't clear -- I want to see participant videos on one monitor and shared content on the other. When I use the dual monitor setting and content is being shared, that happens and life is great. But when content isn't being shared, the monitor that was showing the shared content is now showing the speaker's video which is very distracting. Here's a picture to demonstrate what I mean.

Ah, that makes more sense. I believe if you minimize the window it will disappear until someone shares content again at which time it will reappear. I can not be for certain though, but it's worth testing.