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Default email


I am trying to send meeting invites with my default email which is outlook. When I click on default email it goes to a page that says:  Something went wrong. How do I set me default email in zoom?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

There is no way to set the default email service in Zoom directly, as Zoom just uses the default set by your OS. Check what the default app for mail on your Windows or Mac settings to fix that. 

In Outlook (using windows 11) my default email is set to my Outlook email. When I try to send an invitation to a Zoom meeting, default email does not show Outlook, just gmail, yahpp and some other email app. ?????


This is broken in Windows 11.  My default email client in Windows is confirmed as Thunderbird.   Zoom keeps trying to activate outlook whenever I schedule a new meeting.  Please fix!