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Custom Registration Question Type Options Changed


Hi - 


I had a series of templates with custom registration questions set up. I noticed that recently (since Dec 22, 2022) a change in how the custom registration questions show up for a meeting and webinar. Now all questions (both standard and any custom questions) are now in one list when you edit the registration details. This is fine and works nicely to see all registration questions I am asking together. 


The issue is that there use to be three questions types (Short answer, Single answer, or Multiple answers) and now it is only two question types single Answer and short answer. It has caused isssues with recent registrations and wondering if there is a multiple answers option I am not aware of or it it was overlooked by zoom when the custom questions tab was merged into the standard questions tab? The help page on the topic still says there are three options:


I know a work around is to have a separate question for each of the options that I would like a response about, but the UX is much cleaner if the question can have multiple responses. 






Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello. I can confirm that for meeting registrations custom questions there are only two question types - Short Answer and Single choice. According to Zoom, a webinar can have three custom questions - Short answer, Single answer, or Multiple answers. I don't have a webinar account to test, but maybe it is possible that webinar offers the extra multiple answer custom question. 

If you have a webinar account, any chance you can confirm if there are two or three custom question types? If you don't have webinar account, then two question types for meetings is correct. I hope this helps. If it does, please mark Accept as Solution. Thank you.