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Create New Meeting from Current Meeting with Current Attendees


Very common at our company but causes issues. I'll explain what we do now.

So we have a staff meeting, about 50 people are on this meeting. When the meeting is over, 15 or so stay on and have another . Essentially hijacking the staff meeting. Is there a way or maybe a feature request to allow the person to create another meeting which automatically invites all participants left on that last meeting. This would end the previous meeting of course.


The problems arising is AI summary and recordings, etc are capturing their "2nd" meeting.






The safest thing to do would be to set up two separate meetings to avoid content from the 2nd meeting being included in the AI summary. You could set up separate lists of emails and send the Zoom invite for the first meeting to the both groups and the Zoom link for the second meeting to the second meeting only. If you are all at the same company under the same Zoom account you could also use APIs to pull the emails of the participants and automate this. If you are not a developer there is a marketplace app, Salepager, that lets you manage meetings with different groups of participants.