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Corrupted Meeting Recording File


Hey everyone. I was recording a Zoom session and the file seems to be corrupted.


When trying to convert it to an mp4 it keeps on pausing at 32% and won't go any further. It's not just the conversion either. When I try to copy the file to another folder, the copying procedure also stops at 32%. So, there's some corrupted data around 32% of the way through the file.


Is there anything I can do to recover the non-corrupted portions of this file?


If it was a regular video file I would try to trim before the 32% mark and after and just stitch the portions together, but because it's not yet converted to an mp4 file I don't know how I can work with the file at all.


Any advice appreciated.




If you close your laptop or turn off your computer while the recording is converting, it will stop the conversion process. If you change the name of the double_click_to_convert. zoom file(s) while the recorded meeting is converting, it may corrupt the file and not convert correctly.