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Conference hall - broadcast via zoom



There is such a thing. There is a conference hall where sound equipment is used. It works flawlessly, there is an amplifier and a mixer connected to it, and 4 microphones and speakers can be adjusted with the mixer. In the conference itself, the sound is good, but when trying to broadcast the sound via zoom, people hear weakly when listening via zoom. People listen to the program on tablets/phones. You only hear the microphones weakly, but when you broadcast sound from the computer, for example - a YouTube clip or something, you hear well.

When you connect via Zoom and talk directly through your tablet/phone/laptop - you can hear well if you talk directly through Zoom, not from the conference room. But if everyone in the conference room can't hear well. And this is not only for us, but also for other colleagues. Maybe it has something to do with sound and HZ?

Same problem with zoom everywhere.





4 cities face this, not just our community. Perhaps zoom is inhibited by a certain HZ, or somehow does not understand it? For example, when recording through Audiacity, everything is recorded quite well

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



If terms such as Mix minus, DSP, and echo cancellation are not familiar to you, you may want to consult a professional AV integrator. 

An AV integrator can take care of the design, installation, and implementation of your AV system, 


Here is a link to a primer on some of these concepts; 


Configuring a room for AV or video conferencing is not simply a matter of changing a few Zoom settings. 


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Let's try. The point is that even where the hardware is modernized, the problem is the same.