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Can't get sound from OBS into Zoom except when testing mic


I have never used OBS before, but I've got it set up exactly as it says to do in numerous tutorials. I've used VB virtual audio cables and Voicemeeter and neither of them work...EXCEPT when I am testing the mic and speakers in Zoom and even then it is choppy. Everything in OBS is properly configured, and everything in Zoom is properly configured. I'm using Windows 10 with most recent Zoom desktop client and I don't know what else to do. It's very frustrating, especially because I can hear the sound to some extent when I'm  testing. As soon as I click out of the test window, the sound cuts out again.


Anyone know how to deal with this?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@cantormike – it’s pretty difficult to diagnose something like this without being “live”, but here’s a few things to check:

  • You need to follow the “audio chain” from your microphone into OBS, out of OBS into your virtual audio, into Zoom. Make sure everything that can be configured is set the same, such as bit rate, etc. It would help troubleshoot if we know the model of mic, how it’s connected (USB, mic input Jack, etc). It you document all of those connections, it’ll be easier to figure out what might need adjusting.  Mismatched sampling rates will produce garbled sound out. 
  • Try simplifying the chain, and add in one variable item at a time. Connect the mic straight into Zoom and confirm it works; then add the virtual audio in the middle, selecting it in Zoom and pipe the mic into VA - does that work? Remove the mic and play a known sound through OBS - does that work?  I’ve fine this with clients many, many times to troubleshoot sound issues – it’s the only way you’ll figure out where the problem is.
  • Do you really need it mic to go through OBS? Consider simplifying the audio chain and using it as simple as possible – unless you really need OBS filters or something.

 You might have already seen it, but take a look at this Zoom Support article for some testing and setup guidance.

 Come back with any new details and I’ll see what else I can recommend. 

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