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Break Out Rooms


Is there a way to limit the number of people in each break out room?  Example...If I have 110 participants can I manually indicate how many people can be in a break out room?

Break out room 1 = 33

Break out room 2 = 36

Break out room 3 = 41


When each break out room reaches it's limit, the participants have to choose a different room.



As far as I know, the automatic breakout feature will always try to divide participants equally among all breakout rooms. 


If you are using the feature that allows participants to choose their own room, you would need to address that with them in breakout prep. I say something like, "We have caps on how many people can be in each room, so you may find that we will need to move some people if your room is over capacity." The only other way to do that would be to go into the rooms that are over capacity and ask for volunteers to move to other rooms. 


The best way to control this would be to assign people manually. You can ask them for their preferences in advance and let them know you will do your best to accommodate. 


So the answer is "no" I gather.


I understand the manual workaround, but prefer an automated feature.


Thank you for responding.