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Audio problems with Windows 11


Hello guys, I'm having audio problems with windows 11, with windows 10 everything is ok but with 11 the sound is bad, failing, I've done all the procedures and updates and the same problem continues. How can I resolve this issue? hugs


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Jeanmusic 


can you please describe us the audio problems?

Hi Doctorwho

I'm Brazilian and I've been giving music lessons for over 2 years through Zoom for 2 weeks now I'm using Windows 11, after the change I'm having serious audio problems such as:
speech sound is muffled
student cannot hear clearly, audio with many flaws.
I've already done all the driver updates, both for the zoom and the microphone and also for my notebook, but the problem continues.
Note: I am a monthly subscriber to the platform. I am waiting for an answer.


Am having the same problem with Windows 11 on Zoom calls that I initiate.  Audio is full of static.  This is before and after the latest Zoom update.  It worked fine the first time after latest installation.  The second time, the static returned.  

Hi Carfen 


too true that I switched to windows 11 I only have problems, now with windows 10 everything is ok, I'm waiting for a solution because I really need the platform because I'm a music teacher here in Brazil.