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Audio interface will not work.


Hi,  When I plug in my audio interface to my mac, I can hear the mic and the headphones.  Everything is working when I test the audio while using zoom.  When I join a zoom meeting, the host and other participants can not hear me.  I've also tried hosting a meeting using the audio interface and mic and again, tested the audio and everything worked,  but the participants could not hear me and I could not hear them.  I've gone to the system preferences and made sure I have the correct audio input and output selected. 

Equipment:  zoom H8 with Audio-techinca 2035 mic. Connected to a MacBook Pro via USB.  I've used the Zoom H8 has an interface with the computer before, for other things and it has worked fine.   Please advise if you can.  Thank you.



I have had this issue as well. Did you ever find a solution?