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Attendance Audit in Breakout Rooms


I have an interesting question...we have a business Zoom account and we utilize multiple breakout rooms for different teams within our department. We have one individual who has been a distraction and is going into a breakout room that they don't need to be in. We have discussed with the individual and asked him to please stay out of the room, but the manager on our team is interested in seeing if there is a way to audit that person's compliance and see if they are actually staying out of the room. Is there a way to pull this data and see how often someone joins a breakout room? Thanks for your help!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @ManderKate,


have you heard about the "Dashboard for meetings"? 

If not, have a look in your web-backend. It might be restricted to your account-admin.


Here you can see the detailed meeting data including the breakout rooms and you can choose the meeting and search for the user in the meeting and see the history.


I hope this answers your question.