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About PC when holding a zoom meeting with 1000 people


I'm planning to hold a zoom meeting for 1000 people, but I don't know the required specs for the host PC. What PC specs do I need? I would like to know the CPU, GPU, etc.



Subject: System Requirements for Hosting a Zoom Meeting with 1000 Participants


Hosting a Zoom meeting for a large number of participants requires careful consideration of your computer's specifications to ensure a smooth and stable experience. Here are the recommended system requirements:

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Kenji56.


There are no special requirements for you to host a meeting up to 1000 attendees.  Note that it is not possible to have a Zoom Meeting with over 1000 attendees.


As Host, you will still only be able to view 25 or 49 attendees (selectable from your Settings -> Video menu) at a time.  You can scroll through them 25 (or 49) at a time, but you will only be receiving that number, which would be the same even if you only had 50 people attending.

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