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A computer attempting to access on my computer?!?




During a meeting I had an unstable internet connection for a while. The video froze a few times. Then a message popped up on the screen - see photo - Saying: "The computer " ***.***.**.*** " is attempting to access on your computer. Do you want to allow this connection?"





The computer number looked like an IP address number. I've checked and it's not mine - though I don't have a static one, so theoretically it could have changed during the Zoom Meeting?? I don't know. 


I clicked 'Block'. My internet connection immediately stabilised and I got no more problems with freezing video for the rest of the Zoom Meeting. 


Trying not to be too enormously alarmed - but - have I been hacked somehow? Or is this an innocent glitch or one of my other devices attempting to connect somehow? I don't know if computers / devices have ID numbers in that format - do they? If they do, how do you find that number? All I can find is IP address, serial number, model number etc - none of which are the number in the message. 


Any ideas?

Many thanks