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2-computer login limitation (including Outlook plugin)


I work remotely and use my home computer which has two nice large monitors.  I then remote desktop into my work computer in another location.  Because the remote desktop is far away and doesn't do Zoom very well, I do my Zoom meetings on my home computer...also taking advantage of a better microphone, speakers, GPU, and dual monitors.  This required I log into Zoom on the home computer.


I also use the Outlook plugin for scheduling Zoom meetings from my remote computer (I never use Zoom for calls on the remote computer), just scheduling meetings/calls.


This causes issues since the Outlook plugin needs me to log into Zoom, as does my home computer where I do Zoom calls...which Zoom doesn't allow.  I'm constantly being required to re-login between computers.  Ug.


Any suggestions or observations?




IT IS TIME to for Zoom to allow Zoom users (especially the PAID users) to configure Office + Home Desktop Apps without having to constantly log back in every time they switch between home/office work locations!

Here's Why:
1) No one on the planet can deny that we Now live in a HYBRID (Work/Home) work environment! (And, what's so ironic is that ZOOM, of all companies, should know that better than and for longer than anyone.)

Thus, this ongoing Zoom Desktop client software limitation amounts to an inexplicable (and myopically “tone-deaf”) product feature deficiency within the Zoom client, ecosystem, DevOps and ultimately leadership.


2) It would be wholly different if the Zoom Desktop Client allowed users to auto-save our email/pw via Windows or a browser pw manager, but the Zoom Desktop App does NOT seem to allow a ubiquitous feature such as that). More shocking than that is the fact that the "Keep me signed in" checkbox at the login screen DOES NOT even do that...I does not keep the user signed in!

3) As a leader in online meetings remote communications and distributed workforce collaboration tools, @Zoom Video Communications is supremely aware that the modern desk-based and knowledge-based workforce has unequivocally and perhaps permanently crossed into the HYBRID work era! In fact, as a Shareholder, I can confidently say that Zoom's role, influence and benefits in driving the work-from-home shift during and since the Pandemic lockdowns have been monumental! By its very definition, structure and design, Zoom’s Office/Home Hybrid model MUST account for and balance the home and office needs of it subscribers. Should it not?  And, so, adapting Zoom to this reality would not only enhance its relevance but also align the Company with the times that IT helped create and mainstream.

4) We, the 300M+ Users implore you to please fast track a Zoom sign-in protocol (or if necessary, a licensing update) that recognizes and adapts to these Home + Workplace realities. In my estimation, with its vast Software Development and DevOps resources, @Zoom Video Communications could accomplish this “in its sleep”, by putting 3 engineers on it for less than 2 days and you could test, beta and fully deploy this feature in under a month. Can you convince me that’s inaccurate?

No matter how you slice it, this SHOULD BE FIXED NOW!

Zealously, Loyally, but increasingly leaning toward better options,