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Zoom Cornerstone Integration errors


We are experiencing issues creating sessions for Zoom vILT.  We've done it before with no issues.  We've tried the steps below multiple times but continue to have issues.  Any suggestions?



Zoom Integration - Partner Error


Article Number



Description and Detail

When trying to add new Instructors or to update or create Sessions for Zoom vILT, I encounter the following errors:


    Error while creating instructors: Partner Error.

    Error while creating session: Partner Error: Token is null

    Error while updating Schedule or Saving a session : Partner Error: Authentication failed. Please check Username, Password and Integration Name in the setting page.



The issue here is that the Zoom vendor is returning an error when Creating the session. In the error message, if you see "Partner Error" it means the vendor/partner is returning the error.


Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue or create a ticket with Zoom for further assistance.



Please use the steps below from a previous ticket where this same error was resolved:



    Log in and select Manage> Installed Apps

    Uninstall the Cornerstone Learning Suite.

    Log in to Cornerstone portal and navigate to Admin>Tools>Edge>Integrations>Disable the Zoom vILT Integration

    Return to and reinstall Cornerstone Learning Suite

    Within Zoom Marketplace, select Manage>Installed Apps>Manage>Configure

    Within Cornerstone portal, navigate to Admin>Tools>Edge>Integrations>select the Zoom vILT Integration App

    Copy the following fields from the Zoom Cornerstone Learning Suite app into the Cornerstone portal:


    Integration Name

    User Name


    Base URL


Save all changes and re-enable the Zoom vILT Integration App from the Cornerstone Edge platform.


You may need to log out and log back in for all changes to take effect.



Hi  we are having issues with Zoom vILT connection has failed again. Can you please help get this connection up and running again?


We have tried all the steps in the above.


Here is the message Zoom vILT connection has failed again. Can you please help get this connection up and running again?

Error message:  While creating an instructor: Partner Error: Authentication Failed.  Please check username, Password, and integration Name in the setting page.   


Can you help us get this fixed please?