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Zoom Webinar Integration with Salesforce Account functionality and Org Wide Email Address


Hello! We are looking at integrating Zoom with Salesforce, but need help understanding if one Enterprise Zoom Account is linked to Salesforce is there a work around if multiple departments want to use the one Enterprise Zoom account for a Webinar? for example Recruitment department hosts a Zoom Webinar at 5:00 pm and Graduate department wants to host a Zoom Webinar at 5:00 pm both on the same day? or are multiple Zoom Webinar accounts linked to Salesforce? Is this possible?


Also does there need to be a specific Zoom Enterprise account for the CRM plus a Zoom Enterprise account for your entire institution or does your CRM use the institution's overarching Zoom Enterprise account? If your institution has a specific Zoom Enterprise Account for the CRM, does that affect setting up Personal 1:1 Zoom meetings through the CRM?


Also, for the Organization Wide Email default address, is the same address used for every department and is the Webinar information sent to the participants using the same email address or is there a way to send the Webinar information from different email addresses? Does the assigned zoomwebinar email address have to be used?


Any advice is appreciated.




Hi Shauna

Your company buys its Zoom licenses, regardless of which CRM you are using.

You allocate the license/licenses as you see fit, each individual license allows for one instance of a meeting/webinar/event at a time, one license cannot launch two webinars simultaneously.


We used to have two webinar licenses which we swapped between users when it was necessary, however, when you do that, it loses all information from the previous webinar (attendance records, questions asked etc.)


All settings regarding emails can be customised in the marketing portal, we have ours respond to generic/group emails

Hope this helps


Thank you your answer is very helpful. Your response is appreciated.