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chat pop-up bubble during webinar


I've attended numerous webinars and zoom meetings over a few years and today a webinar I was attending was spoiled by a little pop-up bubble appearing each time a new chat message was received. I had to click the little x to kill it each time.
My usual practice is to employ Alt-H to open the chat, position it at the left side of the screen and then make it disappear using the Esc key. Alt-H brings it back whenever I need it.  But today,  a continuous stream of new messages each triggered a pop-up bubble from the chat control at the bottom of the screen. Is this a new feature?

More importantly, how can I stop that? I haven't found anything in the application settings.


Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

@philj1 , next to the chat button on the toolbar there is an arrow. Open that menu and you will find a setting to disable the chat pop-ups. You can also turn them back on in the same place if you want them for another meeting or webinar in the future. No need to move windows around to work around the issue!