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Zoom Events Lobby Recording Analytics


We are holding an event next month that offers attendees a professional development certificate upon completion. For those registered who cannot attend, we would like to offer them the opportunity to watch the recordings of the sessions so they can then receive the certificate. I have been trying to find where you can access the analytics of who views recordings from the LOBBY (not the Zoom web portal), but I'm not able to find this information anywhere. Is there a way of accessing those analytics? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

under analytics\session there is an option to see livestream views and recording views.  Also in your regular zoom portan under recordings you see the events analytics.  I have not really tested it but you are welcome to join my Zoom Events test conference and we can test it out together.


@DeniseLahat I checked Analytics/sessions and downloaded the CSV, but the recording views aren't being populated — I tried testing this as an attendee watching the recordings from the lobby, but those don't appear to be registered since recording views is still at "0". Even still, the most important piece of information is seeing the individuals who have watched the recording, not just how many views the recording received.  When I go to the Zoom web portal, while I can see who has viewed recordings whose links are SHARED out, I'm not able to see who has viewed the recordings from the lobby. Would be happy to test this out with you — is the next test conference the one that's on the 12th?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

yes we can definately test it out.  Please register for the conference and send me a mail to denise at live4u dot tv just so i know what name you have registered under. please confirm your have watched at least 5 mins of the recording from the 28th June and I will check the reports.  I think there is a bug here which needs to be reported to Zoom.  this way we will have a scenario\logs they can check.