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Zoom Event with multiple sessions - registration


Wondering if anyone can help give more clarity on this: I will be running a zoom event over 2 days (May 25 Spanish / May 26 English) and if I understand it correctly, I have to create a hub for each of our two event days (May 25 Spanish / May 26 English), so that the general info in the hub is also created in the respective language.

In each of these hubs I then need to create the four sessions that will take place on that day. The visitors in turn go to the hub page, then see the four "events" and can select the current one. Is this correct?

One big problem I see with this is registration. Participants have to register separately for each session. I'm afraid they won't do that (especially since if they don't have a Zoom account they also have to verify their email for each session). Or is it the case that with the "bigger" events license for 207 EUR (100 TN) I have one registration link with which the 4 sessions are accessible?



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @YAPUSolutions replicating your setup yes! You're correct; within your Hub, you create an event for May 25 (Spanish Event) and May 26 (English Event), and you will create your 4 sessions within your event, for both English and Spanish events. 


The registration process now depends on the event type that you’re registering for and the event organizer’s registration requirements, how do you have this setup? Assuming registration questions included, no privacy policy? 

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