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Webinar recording - wrong location and wrong option


I was running a Webinar with multiple people taking turns as Host. The Webinar was set to record both Gallery and Speaker modes to the Cloud. One person was the Host and when they left the Webinar, they hit the wrong button and accidentally ended the Webinar for everyone. I immediately restarted the Webinar and reclaimed Host status. However, the previous recorded portion of the Webinar was now saved to MY computer and NOT the cloud. In addition, only the Gallery version was saved and NOT the Speaker version. BTW, the second portion of the Webinar that I had restarted was saved to the Cloud with both Speaker and Gallery options.


Why was the first portion saved to my computer?

Why was only the Gallery option saved?


NOTE TO ZOOM:  Why do you put both of the log-off buttons right next to each other? It make a mistake very easy to happen!