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Webinar authentication


We're hosting a webinar where we only want people to attend who we know.


We want to avoid registrants from sharing the webinar link with people we don't know, who might turn up to the webinar even though they haven’t registered. I did a test webinar, which showed me this is possible to do.


Is authentication the only way to avoid this?


We're having trouble with authentication because people aren't familiar with it, they're trying to register for the webinar using a different email with that associated with their Zoom account/profile, or they don't have a Zoom account/profile to start with. And we're worried some might find they've forgotten their Zoom password at the start of the webinar if they haven't used it for a while.


In short, authentication is an obstacle for those who aren't super-familiar with Zoom.


Anyone else found this? 


Any suggestions?



An update to this -- I just did a test webinar which required authentication from regsitrants. I was able to have two people join using the same link, they appeared in the audience with the same name. So authentication doesn't prevent people sharing links with strangers. Then, how DOES one prevent this?