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Webinar Recodring - Gallery View Question


I recorded a webinar recently with myself, a featured panelist, and a cohost from my org.  For most of it, we recorded with the myself interviewing the panelist in gallery view.  The view in real time was the two of us side by side.  My co-host Stesh had her camera turned off, and was running tech support, dropping links, adding to chat, etc.  But no one could see her during the webinar.  When I looked at the recording, it did gallery view, but myself and the panelist were side by side with a third big black box below that said "Stesh" on it.  We're planning to post to youtube and it really brings the whole thing down... It was recorded locally, our cloud recording is currently disabled.  Everything else looks right, but I don't understand why it recorded her in gallery view with her camera off.  Is it bc she's the co-host?  If we downgraded her to panelist would it still record that way?  We had one other org member as a panelist just in case we had a tech issue, but her camera was off and never visible to anyone during the recording so I think that might be the ticket, but I wanted an extra co-host to be able to toggle views and take over if my internet went out or something (it was a thunderstorm during our session last week).  I really need our next one to just be the two screens side by side as it appears to viewers at the time of recording. 

It's probably obvious, but gallery view recording was enabled, not speaker recording.

Maybe I need to do a 3rd party screen record?  I think I can just do it through my screenshot app...

Please advise!  Thanks!