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Recording 2+ Pinned Panelists in Webinar


Hello ZCommunity...

I recently hosted a webinar (2/22/2022) for a client and pinned her and the panelists she interviewed one at a time. it was great live because it looked like camera switching or speakers coming to the virtual podium one at a time; very impressive. Once the cloud recording was available, I noticed it recorded in speaker view not the two pinned videos. My settings are below.  What did I do wrong?

Cloud recording

Record active speaker with shared screen
Record gallery view with shared screen
Record one audio file for all participants
Save chat messages from the meeting / webinar


I wanted To know so I looked and found this:
i think it answers the question, and now I know…


Thank you @georgethetech for taking the time research this article. I learned more about layouts. I think I figured out what happened. I have recorded interviews before with both the interviewer and interviewee on the screen at the same time...a squeeze shot. Everyone else had their videos off until it was there time to speak. I did not pin nor spotlight. Just gallery view of the two speakers...DUH! This time around there were 12 panelists with only two speaking at a time. My pinning only showed on my screen as host. I was so disappointed. Thank you again. I appreciate you.