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Recent update to university provided zoom disallows connection to meeting by non-commercial users


A few days ago I was asked to update zoom, provided through my university. After I did that, I found that if I set up a meeting only users with paid for zoom could access the meeting, e.g. excluding students using zoom in their lodgings. Eventually I discovered that there is an obscure option to over-ride this restriction, i.e. allowing ANY invited zoom user to connect to my zoom process. The requirement to do that is intolerable. The DEFAULT should be that anyone can be invited to join a zoom meeting as before, but organisers who wish to restrict access to commercial users should be allowed to do that when they set up a meeting. If this default is not reversed I think many researchers who organise zoom-based conferences joined by users all over the planet will start switching to a different conference provider, which would be very sad, since I have not met one that works as well as zoom. Alternatively, make the choice very visible whenever a meeting is created, instead of hiding the option to remove the restriction in an obscure menu.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @AaronSloman,


I can’t tell whether you are asking for assistance or just making a complaint. 

If you need some technical support to possibly remedy the issue, your best bet will be to get your university’s Zoom Admin to contact Zoom Support through the official channels, preferably initiating by phone contact for this particular situation. 

if you’re just voicing displeasure, I’d highly recommend repeating your concern with your feedback form here: 

The Zoom Community is mostly volunteers with no way to elevate your concern directly to Zoom Staff. A Support Ticket from your Zoom Admin or a feedback submission is your best way to get Zoom’s attention. 

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Many thanks. I've submitted feedback.