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Problems sharing a PowerPoint-presentation


Last week during an webinar, our keynote presenter wanted to share his PowerPoint-presentation. But we encountered some problems. He could share his PowerPoint, but not in the full screen presentation-modus (see attached file).  While he could scroll further to the next slide on his laptop, we stay freezed at the first slide. The only way he could manage to let us view something was to select the next slide in the slide-menu on the left. How can we make sure this won't happen again. On the other hand, when I as a hist was sharing my presentation, other watchers said I had the same problem as well. Did I managed something wrong in the settings of this webinar? Very strange, since I am already familiar to use ZOOM for over two years now, and this was the very first time this was happening.

Thanks for your responses and fine holidays ! 


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

May  I have your PC system info, Zoom version info, and PowerPoint.exe info?


I recommend having users put their powerpoint into Show mode BEFORE they screen share. Then they will see all the screens available to share and can select the full screen presentation screen.


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Zoom is working on this.

Current workaround: open the ppt file at first, then start the Zoom share.

Has a solution been found yet? I am having the same trouble. Tried opening the ppt before sharing. Did not work. It is impossible at least on windows to put it already in presentation mode and the share it. Am working with windows 11. A 1,5 year old laptop and latest zoom release...


How do you do this? I don't have access to Zoom controls when I put my MacBook Pro into full screen share mode for .ppt?



Olá Procure ver se você e o apresentador, estão usando a ultima versão do ZOOM. 

Depois vá em configurações básica e em compartilhamento de tela e veja as opções. 




Has anybody found a solution yest?. The above doesnt work for me. Since last month, the presentation-mode has not been working properly. There is no option to select powerpoint in presentation-mode, most times. No matter if I open it before I share. Pia


Hi Folks,

I had the same problem last night at a presentation.

I checked I had the latest Zoom, which had been downloaded that afternoon.

On my laptop I'm using Windows 8.1 and was using MS PowerPoint 2010. The presentation had been created on my Desk top using Windows 10 and Powerpoint 2016.

I checked the laptop and decided it might be with Powerpoint so I've updated to 2016. Checked the presentation was working on the new powerpoint and it was. Ran a trial meeting on zoom and shared the screen and ran recording. All worked okay and recording was correct. So tonight I was at a zoom meeting and shared the same presentation that failed yesterday. All worked okay without a glitch. My thought is that Powerpoint 2010 has something in it that the latest Zoom does not like. Powerpoint 2016 or better may be the solution. I'd be interested in others experiences.

Hi, David,

Thank you for the tip re: upgrading to PPT 16.  I have Microsoft 365 / PPT 2202 and still am experiencing the problems you and others have noted.  I have Windows 10 Pro.  I am a professional presenter so this problem is driving me crazy.


Hi Debbie,

The good news is that I have done two presentations this week both without glitches. Wednesday was only a small group but last nights was with over 50 people.

The Zoom support sent me a zipped program called which after using it and reloading zoom plus upgrading from Powerpoint 2010 to 2016 the presentations ran okay. My guess is there was a compatibility problem that needed a clean out of all the caches back to the original settings. Ask support for the program and I hope you can now get your presentations working well.

Best wishes


I am so appreciative.  I will contact Zoom support and ask for  

Thank you so much!


David, I rec'd the exe file.  Other than installing it, should I be doing anything else?



Sorry for the late response, life gets in the way. You should have got advice from Zomm but just running it if you have already checked your Powerpoint is up to date. Also you need to get the latest Zoom version.

Trust all now goes well.




I think this is something new that is a problem?  I recorded some trainings last month and it worked fine.  Yesterday I could not get it to work at all?!  I couldn't get presenter mode to work and I couldn't get my video screen to show (me) up in the corner.  Am I doing something wrong?  Help.....

I recently had the same problem.  One member of this community advised that I download the latest Zoom update that also cleans the cache of remaining old Zoom "fragments."  I also am taking care to make sure that I have my PPT set up in both presentation and in edit mode before I go to screen share.




I see your language for PowerPoint software is Dutch, which is not supported by Zoom clients yet. Please change the PowerPoint's language to English or any language supported and restart Zoom. The issue should be gone.

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 11.39.53.png

Some others have already found that Office 2010 is too old, upgrading to a newer version would help.

Hope this helps and have a good day!


I am having the same problem after updating on 3/30/23. It hasn't happened before! Our IT person adjusted my zoom sharing settings but it happened again.