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Notification of registrants cancelling their registration to a webinar


Hello everyone. I trust you are doing ok. 

I would like to hear from the community regarding the notifications that are sent by email from Zoom to the hosts of webinars. 

When an attendee registers to attend a webinar, the host receives an email notification of that registration. 

When a registered attendee cancels that registration, the host does not receive any kind of notification. 

Question #1: does anyone have the same experience? 

Question #": does anyone know how to enable this specific notification? 


Keen to hear back from the community

Thanks for your help



This seems like something you would want to set up a webhook for and get an email notification when someone cancels or create a centrally managed dashboard to display changes to registrations including cancellations. If you are not a developer there is a marketplace app, Salepager, that can provides a dashboard for tracking changes to webinar registrations including cancellations.