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Need Help With Large Webinar Event - Is it possible to have breakout rooms?



I am helping put together a conference happening in early November. It is a multi-day conference that has talks happening at the same time, and we ideally want to live stream them all too.


The idea was to have a main webinar that people joined, and then they could decide what talk they wanted to go to, and join the breakout room of their choice. However, it appears that the webinar feature of zoom does NOT include breakout rooms.


Is there a way to have multiple webinars at the same time that people could join, or should we just use meetings instead? Is there any other layout anyone would suggest?


Thanks for reading 🙂



Webinars do not currently support breakout rooms (it's on their road map). I would just do a large meeting with breakouts.  If you trust all of your speakers you can make them co-host so they can control their breakout rooms while you lock down other participants.


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