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Loosed data in webinar



We've one license for webinar that roams between users.
One of our users sent invitations to a webinar but I moved the license to other.
The new user sent invitations too, but not to the same date.
How can I retrieve the registration list of the first webinar, and how can let the 2 users send invitations?

I'll appreciate your fast response





Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Meir These users will only be able to add new registrants to send invitations if they have a webinar license so you will need to coordinate times to assign the license and have them edit the event. 

As for retrieving a registration list, you should be able to pull a webinar registration report from the Account Management -> Reports -> Webinar section. You can also view the registration information by assigning the webinar license to the needed user, and then from the User Management -> Users tab you can click into the users profile and view their webinars. From here you can see the registration list as well. 

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@J-Zoom-ATL, you are a champion!
I retreived the registrant's list from the webinar. Thanks a lot!
Now I've one license granted to one user (let's call her "user 2") for a webinar on March 31. The retrieved list belongs to another one, "user 1", on April 14.
If I understand well, I should return the license to "user 1" only after "user 2" finished its webinar. In this case, what happens with the new registrant to users1's webinar?