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How can I edit automatic sentence about privacy?




When I create a webinar there's now a sentence that appears on the registration page that I've never seen before. Does anyone know where I can find this sentence in the system to edit it?


It says "Information you provide when registering will be shared with the account owner and host and can be used and shared by them in accordance with their Terms and Privacy Policy."


We're getting a negative reaction about the word "share". It implies that we're sharing their personal information with others. I want to reword the sentence so that it doesn't alarm people. Also the anchor text "account owner" is not accurate anchor text to describe where the link goes. It does not go to information about the account owner. It goes to the Zoom article called "Understanding Zoom privacy alerts". (which in itself is confusing because it doesn't differentiate between attending meetings and attending webinars.)


If we can't edit it, I suggest that Zoom reword it to something like "Information you provide when registering can be viewed by the account owner. Each account owner is responsible for protecting personal information in accordance with legislation in their jurisdiction. The account owner may have a publicly posted Privacy Policy. Learn more about privacy by reading Understanding Zoom privacy alerts.