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Duplicate Registration for Same Webinar


Has anyone been experiencing the need to register twice for the same webinar? I hosted a webinar earlier today and found out that one or more of the attendees were required to register twice to actual join the webinar. In addition, I joined a separate Zoom webinar through a different company shortly after in which I had already registered, which is why it was on my calendar, but when I clicked the link to join was required to register again. It's really a bad user experience and I'm concerned it will deter people from joining in the future. 


Is there some kind of setting within the setup that needs to be checked/unchecked? This is the first time I've run into this issue and I've setup and hosted many webinars via Zoom. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!



I am hosting a webinar and I have seen that a number of registrants have had to register 2 or more times.

This has not happened in previous webinars. All of the KB docs from zoom only offer solutions for our company domain whitelists, not any solution for enrollees whose whitelisting I can not control.