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Disabling Passcode for Webinars


The passcode section for a webinar I had set up was automatically activated and the option to de-activate it has been disabled with is a message that I should be contacting the "admin" to do that. Since I am the admin for my account, I am totally clueless about how to remove this passcode option. I had to face super-embarrassment in presence of participants.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Greetings, @Somreet,


I'm not sure why you would need to remove the Passcode, unless you sent out meeting Join links with the passcode removed, or only sent out the Meeting ID without sending the Passcode.


The following may be present on your account at the Account level; see Admin -> Account Management -> Account Settings under the Meeting tab or navigate to


If this is set, Passcodes will be required for Webinars for all users on the account.  If you are the only user on the account, this will still apply.


A similar setting is located on your personal user Settings menu, also available at


There is a similar setting -- at both the Account and User levels -- for the Meeting Passcode requirement.  These are independent of each other.


The Passcode option is a minimum-level security option which is recommended to be enabled, especially if you are not requiring registration for your webinar.  The risk is that bad-intentioned people will attempt to join Meeting IDs (for both Meetings and Webinars) via randomly-selected Meeting IDs, and could potentially enter your Webinar and cause problems. Having the Passcode enabled and providing the full Meeting Join URL to your invited guests works well for virtually all situations.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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