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Concurrent Sessions maximum attendees


Hi! From the forums, it was shared that we can have as many concurrent sessions as needed. However, is there a maximum number of attendee/participant in each concurrent session? 

Will it depend in our Zoom Event participant count?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @AmielMaranan 


Your question is about the zoomevents session, right?

The number of tickets issued is the maximum number of participants.
However, if the session type is meeting, the maximum number of participants is 1,000.

Please refer to the URL link below for detailed limitation.

System limitations for Zoom Events hosts – Zoom Support

Thanks for this @Ohkawa!
"the maximum number of participants is 1,000" that is per zoom events session meeting right? 
So if I have 10 concurrent sessions, it is safe to say that each zoom events session meeting can accommodate 1000 participants each?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


I think so.

When I created a meeting session, the following note was displayed.

"Meeting type session has a maximum capacity of 1,000 participants. Those who join after the session reaches capacity will be able to watch the session live from the event lobby."


Just a reminder, a Zoom Events license 10,0000 is required for each of the 10 simultaneous meetings to have 1,000 participants.