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Breakout rooms and chat functionality


Hello. I'm looking at producing a zoom webinar where there'll be one main stage and several breakout rooms. Each room will need to have its own chat functionality - and the chat needs to be seen by JUST the people in that breakout room. I just did a test to create some breakout rooms - but when I use the chat - there is one chat which seems to be shared by people in the different rooms. Is there a way to create a unique chat each  - for the "main room" and for each breakout room?



Breakout rooms are not available for the webinar, it is only available with Zoom meetings.

Also, the chat on your breakout room 1 will be seen by all participants in breakout room 1, the same goes with the main room and all other breakout rooms. Not unless you have edited the responses on your chat, you may check this screenshot:



Oh I think I get it. If I'm not "in" a breakout room then I won't see chat happening in that room? 

If I go from a "main" room to a breakout room - will the visible chat I see, change? And will it change "back" once I go back to the main room?

The answer to your first question is Yes. 

But your second scenario is a bit different. 

Say for example you are in the main room, someone says "Good morning!" and you move to the breakout room 1 but in the main room, people kept on having a conversation through chat, you will still see the last chat that you received or saw in the main room which is the "Good morning!".  When you go back to the main room, you will not see the chat messages that have been sent when you are not in the main room, you will only see those chat messages that you saw/received when you are in the main room. 

Sorry if that is a bit confusing due to the long explanation.


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