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Automatically record Webinars (but NOT Meetings)


Hello! I'd like to set up our Enterprise account so that all Webinars are set to automatic cloud recording, but Meetings are not set up for automatic cloud recording. This doesn't seem to be an option in the admin account settings. I'm wondering if it could be done with a custom app. Has anyone ever accomplished this or have any ideas how it could be accomplished? Thanks!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @brandonb1,


I’m guessing you found this setting in the Admin -> Account Management -> Account Settings  Recording tab:


I haven’t tested, but the implication seems to be to automatically record Meetings but not Webinars, though I suspect on testing it probably automatically records both. Still, this doesn’t accomplish what you’re seeking. 

I suggest a Feature Request for a switch to auto record only Webinars would be a good idea:

Feature Request entry: 


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