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Audio Problems


For several years we have been using Zoom webinar to livestream our church meetings - very successfully.  The video and audio quality have been consistently good.

Recently we have been noticing a bit of crackling/static in the broadcast.  We have tried "original sound" off and on, plus tried different background noise suppression settings, all without much success.  The equipment and setting on our end have not changed so I can only assume that it's originating from the Zoom software - perhaps a new version?

Anyone else experienced this?  Any solutions.

Thanks for your time.



Hi, I’ve been experiencing this crackling for a few months while doing live worship over zoom as well.

But now it won’t allow me to adjust the level of the sound coming into zoom when I attach my usb interface, which is running my keyboard and microphone!   So people are saying I’m too soft.

Also now on my iPad it only acknowledges one track on my usb interface, so only get voice or keyboard.  

Like you I’m wondering if the second part of my issue is a zoom update as nothing has changed on my end.  I’ve been using this for 2 years now! 

Anyone else have this issue?


Hi, We are having this issue now. Did you ever find a solution? Thank you!

Hi Annie

I haven’t used it much since I posted this. I’m just stepping back into my on-line school and so will find out soon.  I know my friend said it seemed to just fix itself when he used it a month or so later.  So, sorry, not sure of a fix. 

Hi Annie,


Just recently I tried uninstalling the Zoom client and then reinstalling it  That seemed to help .  It hasn't totally eliminated the problem but it reduced it to just the occasional crackle.


Hope that helps you.