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zoom needs a "teacher" version


I am hoping I am missing this functionality. But as an educator for professionals, my classes are often hybrid if not fully remote. I need to be able to:

  • Virtually "walk" between all students and see their screens and faces in real-time
  • Discretely assist students that need your help via hand raise (likely can use chat to individual, but clunky when teaching).
  • Engage in a 1:1 video session with a student
  • Bring one student's screen to the "front" to show their work and/or common issues
  • Transfer and share files simultaneously (could also use chat, but relies on student to put file in correct place). Files could be handouts or actual data files used in training applications.


I am looking for something that is a bit more focused/oriented to teachers and their needs. Certainly, I have made due. But its hard to engage when people don't want to share their cam or screen. Thoughts?





Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello, while Zoom's product team is always looking for feedback to make the product better, I think Zoom will be able to meet some of your requirements above in some upcoming feature releases. I would talk to your Account Rep if you would like to hear more about this (likely require NDA). Also if you are looking for some of this functionality today, I would look up - this is a custom teaching application with a lot of the functionality you are looking for and is powered by Zoom!

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

For your third point, a workaround would be to open up a breakout room and only invite that one student.


For your fourth point, a work around is make the student a co-host for that period of time and have them share the screen.  If you have annotation or remote control enabled, you could point out the common issues you speak of.

Thanks! I've done the breakout room and made students presenters. My typical student is a working professional and is either someone that lacks confidence in technology generally speaking or someone that lacks understanding of the application we're discussing. Both types often lead to insecurities. Getting them to ask questions and be confident is actually the hardest part of using Zoom. Most are unwilling even in a private chat to ask a question. But if I could see a preview of their screen, I can then lead the conversation into either the breakout room or present to the class. 


For #2 and #3, try the "Remote Support" feature.  This setting may be disabled in your account by default; it would be found in your settings at 


To bring one student's screen to the front -- this is a screen share request, right?  The other option would be to allow multiple students to share their screens simultaneously but if your class is larger than ten students it would be a nightmare for bandwidth.


The last one, file transfers -- sharing in chat isn't working because...?  Working in a shared whiteboard could be an option or all working in a google doc or slide is something faculty here commonly do.

All advice is YMMV - options may differ according to the settings in your account. If your account is provided by your university/company, contact your tech support for assistance.