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email address report - access via LMS lti configuraton question


Hello All,
I would like to ask you help, experiences as a system administrator from your institution.

we are using Blackboard LMS and let only instructor have 'hosts' authority.
- Instructor can create zoom meeting(personal, recurring ETC) via LMS.
- Then, student can Join the meeting via LMS. (course by course)

however, when I look into after the report from Zoom there are some "blank" under email column. - the email will be uses for attendence P/F.



I had check ,
- LTI configuration from LMS side and it had configured.(LTI1.1, turned on 'role in course', 'name', 'email address' to send)
- the every user(guest) has email address from LMS profile.

I do not want to push every student should have zoom meeting account for any reason. Even without zoom accounts, student can access their zoom meeting class and they should not worry about their attendee report.

I might has been miss some configuration to sending email address from LMS(Blackboard) to Zoom. so I would like to ask your experiences. any ideas?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @sanghee LTI Pro should be able to retrieve student information from the course level and into reports. I am seeing you are looking at Active Host reports from the Zoom portal, you can pull reports directly from LTI Pro within BB as well. Can you confirm that your students are not showing up there as well? Can you confirm if you are using LTI 1.1 or 1.3?


Hi, @Freddi_G 
Thank you for your comments.


The page that I've shared was screenshot via LMS.
When I click 'ZOOM' menu under the course of LMS(Blackboard), it just let me move a page "under LMS - but ZOOM page".


Please understand, we are using Blackboard(LMS) and it is not a specific LTI configuration. It is only supported via LTI PRO. and the LTI PRO is working just same as other LTI tools.
- linking, share user/course information. (default provided informaton is name/role/email, via LTI tools.)


And and LMS->course->zoom(report) does has same information.
and YES, There is no students(guest) email address. But Full name have correct information.

We are using LTI 1.1 following ZOOM guide.
(using LTI PRO app from zoom market place - LTI 1.1 configuration from Blackboard.)


I had requested this to Blackboard and Zoom Support each.

* Blackboard shared an informaton with me. "Blackboard provided all information when user(instructor or student) access the 'zoom' menu via LMS menu such as "user name", "user role", "user email"."
* I am working on this via zoom support ticket. however no clue at this time.


I need this information desperately to confirm user information, for helping instructor to save time by automation.
Thank you for your interest.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Thanks for that clarification, it was my understanding that as long as this information is being passed from BB via LTI it will show up under reports despite the fact students do not have accounts. 


Pls give me the case number and I will review further.


Thank you for your care. 
Here is the case number, #13121944.

and It might be help your understanding that what kind of data provided from Blackboard via the attached video 2:58 ~3:06 of the case.

Thank you!


Hi All.

I have the same issue.

I'm using LTI1.3 on Moodle and I'd like to save in reports the participants' email address, not only username, w/o create Zoom accounts. How can I do?

thank you

Hello, @DarioDN 

For your information, I would like to share my status.

I had keep ask(or request) this issue but ZOOM's results goes NO, IT WON'T BE. - should make all user zoom account.

In addition, recent article(or notice) - Update to Account Reports and Dashboard - includes "As part of our continuous efforts to implement best-in-class privacy and security practices for all users, starting March 1, 2022 Zoom will remove email addresses for users flagged as guests from Account Reports and Dashboards unless they meet any of the conditions listed below.".

So I had ask, what condition "can" remain the record without zoom account. but still wait status.


The best way to resolve or make it more clear is create a support case, but please aware you need to explain from a to z with a detail.



Thank you for your detailed reply.

Searching your text on web, I found this .

And the explanation is really messy.

In fact I, as you, I suppose, starting from Moodle have a participant authenticated.


Anyway, I'll try to contact the support.

thank you