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WHY is there no way to store zoom contact locally on zoom app on iPhone?


I have a HIPAA compliant plan with phone. I do not/cannot store my contacts on my phone. Contacts are stored locally on the zoom desktop app but not on my phone? Why? I only have an option to add an iPhone contact on the Zoom app on my phone. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@rynezuz93, this was a frustration for me too when I first moved to Zoom Phone not long ago. I think every possible way of managing contacts has some drawbacks, and I really didn't decide to do something until this last weekend.


The good news is that you can create a Personal Contacts list.  The bad news is that you have to manage that list manually, and import it with a CSV file.


See this Zoom Support article on Importing Personal Contacts.


I'm in the process of Importing my iPhone contacts now. I started by using a 99cent iPhone app called "Contacts to Excel".... and I need to remove duplicates, remove the phone numbers I haven't called in 5 years, and cull out others I don't really need.  Then I'll use the import CSV approach and see how it works.


Without that, unfortunately it seems like Zoom wants to rely on some other underlying contact manager on whatever device Zoom Phone is running on.  Sort of makes sense, a little... but frustrating.


If you find another answer or solution, come back here and let me know! 😎

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