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Use of Zoom in China for teaching


I have recently arrived in China and will have to start teaching my university classes online while in quarantine. I opened a Zoom account after I arrived in China, but I use a Virtual Private Network to have more access to the internet. Will Zoom work in China for me to give online classes to my university students? If so, is there anything special that I need to do to make it work for my students?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @ChinaProfessor 


Are you in China teaching university to students in china, or elsewhere? 


Did you purchase a Zoom account locally in China, or from a different territory over a VPN? 


I believe Zoom operates a separate infrastructure for China. I am no expert, but getting into and out of China using VPNs might not be a good idea.


My advice would be to find way to achieve what you want without using VPNs to circumvent security boundaries . 



I am in China to teach at a university, but stuck in quarantine, so my university has asked me to start teaching my courses online until I am released from quarantine and can start teaching in the classroom. I always use my VPN to sign on to Google now that I'm in China because I have gmail accounts, so I purchased my Zoom account from once I was in China. In the Transmit Data section of my Zoom profile, I enabled China, as other responses to similar questions seemed to suggest that this should work for my students to access the meetings.