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Partial Zoom meeting failure and freeze

       On both Monday, 13 Sept. 2021, and Wednesday, 15 Sept., the class Zoom partially froze up. About thirty or thirty-five minutes into the Zoom session, with nearly 30 students attending, while screen sharing a powerpoint, something I have done frequently over the past two years with no trouble, the powerpoint froze on the students' screens, and then went blank. However, the students could still hear me and I could hear them. I could still see the powerpoint on my screen, as well as some of the students' faces in the thumbnails on the right, but other features disappeared. When I tried to stop share, the button was unresponsive and would not stop share. The other Zoom controls, including ending the session, became unavailable by disappearing from the bottom of the screen or becoming unresponsive. I could still go to other pages in my own computer, which appeared to be functioning normally. When I went to the Canvas Zoom page with the start and end buttons and pressed "end," it also was unresponsive, and the students were still there verbally, as well as with a couple of their thumbnail video images. Some kind of message also appeared saying the program was unresponsive. So I rebooted each time and had the students rejoin likewise.
       In each of these two sessions only, but never before on any other Zoom sessions, at the request of a student, I had turned on the live transcript feature. When the program had lost functionality and I rebooted and went back on for the remaining time and turned off the live transcript, things worked fine. Those are the only two times that I have turned that feature on, and those are the only two times that Zoom has lost functionality for me in this way. I suspect, therefore, that it is the live transcript feature, which was fairly recently updated by Zoom, that has caused this lack of functionality.
       It is not my wifi or bandwidth, as today I sat right next to my router and had excellent numbers on Ookla, 311.76 Mbps for download and 288.80 Mbps for upload, many times more speed than I need for Zoom normally. Furthermore, since I had rebooted the computer on Monday, I hardly had anything open besides the class Zoom on Wednesday when the same glitch happened, so the problem cannot have been other programs.
       Tech support at my university was unable to help about this, merely suggesting I contact Zoom.


Same here in our Canvas/ Zoom environment. I've been searching for some suggestions as to what's wrong. If anyone reaches out to you Kabe can you cc me in too!



I have had similar problem while on a Zoom meeting today as an attendee my screen frozen but I could still hear others , an error message saying Zoom shut down and did I want to send message to Zoom. I had to log out of the meeting and re-enter 3 times over 2.5 hours. Very frustrating. Also late last year when I was lecturing a class on Zoom when I tried to screen share video footage there would often be issues with the video lagging. I have just been reading up in FAQ and tried to screen share using the new in-built video player but even though it was an MP4 video file (which it is supposed to be able to play)  it wouldnt play it saying it wasn't a supported file type. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?