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Integration of Zoom for teaching, learning and assessment in Higher Education




All Zoom can be used for teaching individual and group of students.


For learning - we can integrate Hands On and Virtual Learning experiences to complement skills.


For assessment - we can integrate Polls & Chat rooms for both formative and summative assessment. It would be good to have a gradebook attached to Zoom so that students can see the outcome right after the end of zoom classroom.


Remote Internships / thesis - Undergraduates can also do remote internships wherein supervisor can provide live guidance of work which student is doing in their onsite institution. For example their could be an onsite and offsite zoom supervisor so that students can do their remote thesis.


I have not used Zoom at Higher education as of yet but would love to - the possibilities could be  for fully live sessions and hybrid classes.


If anyone wants to share additional thoughts please respond.




Pankaj Mehrotra



We're looking at hybrid classes, but struggle with how to incorporate assessments for in-person and Zoom attendees. We can use Zoom Polls for both, but how do we ensure that audio feedback or echoing isn't a problem if the in-person attendees access the Zoom Meeting?

Well I learned that even students are able to to online internships - i am planning to organize online internship via zoom for one of my biotechnology student. Hybrid is also evolving.



I have recently integrated the Hybrid Mode of Lecturing along with use of Projector. The students were online and physical mode. With the help of a high speed internet and computer device such as Microsoft Surface Pro the echoing and drop out decreases. The use of Zoom Chat and Polls are really helpful for assessment and simulation for learning. We can also do a recording of lecture and send them to students in face to face and online mode. Regards, Pankaj Mehrotra 


Dear All, Thank you Zoom for the invitation to Zoom Educator community - it has been a great experience again this next year end I will have many more advanced teaching experiences. The collaborative white board addition  is great to do collaborative biology, chemistry, environmental science, medical terminology, biotechnology and stem activities with students from within US and outside US at same time in classroom. Regards, Pankaj


Thanks for sharing @pankaj1985 ! Glad to have you in the community 😎

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?


Is is possible to have Zoom for two ways of teaching, learning and assessment

1. The educator is teaching through Zoom from office and students are both synchronous & in-person classroom.

2. The educator is in-person-classroom with students and some students are synchronous as well.

3. The educator is passing on laboratory instructions and the students are performing experiments in real time in-person lab.