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Accessing links in a PowerPoint


I recently switched from an HP laptop to an Airbook Mac Pro. I embedded links to videos and games in my PowerPoints. How do I access them? With the HP ,I use to open all the links before class and then choose them from the “share screen” . That doesn’t seem to work with the Airbook

thanks for any help you can offer 



I use the PowerPoint "Present Live" feature in MS 365 from my browser on my Mac while sharing my screen in Zoom. Present Live allows me to click on links and navigate to webpages live during my PowerPoint presentation.  
More info here: Present Live: Engage your audience with Live Presentations (


In the newer versions of Mac OSx you need to configure, under Privacy in the Security and Privacy setting, the ability for Zoom to access Screen Recording (as shown below):



With this active you can share your screen (rather than just the powerpoint) and the end viewer will be able to see what you want them to see!



Thank you for the input. This may be helpful for the OP.

In my sue case, I have enabled this setting on my Mac, but I find it difficult to maneuver between my PowerPoint presentation and my browser when screen sharing this way.
If I use "Present Live" I can click back and forth between my presentation in one tab in my browser, and the links that I open from the PowerPoint Presentation.  Also, my AUDIENCE CAN CLICK  ON LINKS in my presentation to navigate to the pages themselves in Present Live which is awesome.