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Contact Center Only Deployment & Licensing

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

hey folks i'm deploying a contact center only, no zoom phone. Couple questions:


when doing a zoom phone deployment,  we found we needed 1 zoom phone license per DID. We'll be porting a help desk number to Zoom for this contact center only deployment, do they need this zoom phone license for this contact center only deployment? 


What would be needed to forward after hours calls off net? to a domestic number? customer forward after hour calls to an answering service.




Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

You would need a virtual service number license if this is a local number, or a toll free license if this is toll free.  You would also need a contact center license for each agent.  You can forward calls after hours no problem! As long as you have a phone number to forward the calls from, nothing additional is required.