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Profile picture shows intermittently in Zoom meetings.


My profile picture which is the same as my Google picture as I use Chrome only shows up sometimes. I know there is a host button to turn this on and off but even when others have their picture or graphic showing when the Zoom camera icon is off, I still only have my default name appearing. Is there anyway to make sure the photo you want to represent you when the camera is off to always come on instead of just the letters of your name?


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Hi @Breakpoint ,


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The default picture you have uploaded should always show up as you turn off your camera.  The only time it will only display just the letters of your name if you were not signed in to your Zoom Client (desktop/ mobile app) and/ or if you were not signed in to your online account.  


Kindly simulate it and let me know if this solves it.


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Thank you and stay safe always!

I have  the same problem. In all calls initiated by another person, it only displays my name.

This may be how it's supposed to work, but it's not how it actually works for the OP, for me, and for others! 


I have the same annoying problem! Like the OP, I use Chrome. My photo shows up when I'm using my Zoom Pro account, but not when I use my free account, despite the fact that I have a photo associated with the same gmail address. Why doesn't Zoom give users the capability to add photos to our profiles?


What happened to my post?




Do you have to be hosting your own meeting for what you say to work? I am an elected official and must attend multiple Zoom meetings hosted by others. Do I sign in first to Zoom and then somehow open my invitation to the Zoom meeting? I have been asking for months and no article or FAQ addresses why your profile and Google photo appears in some meetings and not others. This is not unique see others. Why can't you ever talk to a human at Zoom.I have got salespeople but when they find out you need help they forward useless nonresponsive fAQ's or articles to read online. Why can't a Zoom human just answer this question? Sometimes you don't want to appear live. Why can't we control our own picture to show at all our Zoom meeting hosted by others?

I so agree & I have been trying to find a solution to this problem as well.  Everyone else's picture comes on , but my associated picture only comes on randomly. 



I attend Zoom meetings by clicking a link in the invitation from my email.  Then there is no default photo even though one is in my profile.  It is very cumbersome to sign in and then copy and paste a meeting address to attend so my default photo appears.  (and I don't even know if this would solve the problem.)  Is there really no way to solve this?



I can not believe that we are paying clients that have been having this problem  for over a year and no has even answered in a way that tries to solve the problem when logging in through an invite to somone elses meeting!


Why would I upgrade to a Pro Version when so many people are having trouble with their Profile pictures appearing in all the meetings? I am also looking for assistance and was referred here. The paying customers can not even find resolutions with Zoom.