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macOS + managed preferences not working


Per this URL (, if you build a macOS plist, download the IT installer for the Zoom client package, place the plist in the same directory as the installer package, and run the installer, it will automatically drop the PLIST file into /Library/Preferences and apply the preferences. 


When I attempt this, I do not end up with the PLIST file in /Library/Preferences. My end goal (after successful manual testing) is to install via Jamf and ultimately force Autoupdate using the AU2_EnableAutoUpdate key. 


I took a look at the installer log and the only reference to the us.zoom.config.plist file was in a failed postinstall CHOWN command because the file was not found in /Library/Preferences as expected.


For context, I started with a test machine with Zoom already installed. I first tried installed the IT package over top of the existing installation. When that didn't work, I did a full uninstall using the uninstaller located inside the app package and started fresh. Still no joy.


Would love some guidance...



If managed preferences in Zoom on macOS are not working as expected, you can try the following troubleshooting steps:

Verify macOS compatibility: Ensure that your macOS version is compatible with the version of Zoom you are using. Check the Zoom support documentation or release notes for information about supported macOS versions.

Check Managed Preferences configuration: Review the managed preferences configuration for Zoom on your macOS device. Managed preferences are typically set using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution or configuration profiles. Confirm that the settings and policies you want to enforce are correctly applied to the Zoom app.

I appreciate that you took the time to copy and paste generic troubleshooting steps, but they're not at all helpful in this case. What would be helpful is if Zoom's software actually performed as promised. In checking in with peers, it's apparently been broken for some time.