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When was my Zoom account created?



I recently bought a new PC (Windows 11). I have a couple of 'old' hard drives, one being from an earlier computer that "died". I never backed anything up, as I don't know how. I heard that it could be possible to get the information off the hard-drive and put it on the new computer. I know nothing about computers. I can send an email and print a document and scan a photo, but not much more than that. A friend of mine, who is a computer genius took the hard drives and transferred all the documents and photos onto an external hard drive. When I plugged this into my computer and tried to look at the photos with Picasa, over 5000 images went whizzing by, but I did not see the images -- they just showed what looked like the Golden Gate Bridge. So I stopped the download, as it seemed it would never end. I asked my friend about it. He said I should download Zoom, so he could talk to me and show me what to do.

When I tried to create an account, using my email address, Zoom told me I already had an account. I have no memory of creating Zoom account. So I clicked on 'Forgotten password?' and set up a new password, and I was IN! But I'd like to know how an account was set up without my knowledge. I have a bad memory, but not that bad, surely. As far as I know, I have never used Zoom before today.

I find that chatbots are useless.

Can you tell me how to find out when my account was first created ? Thanks

I have no idea which 'Board' to choose.  Why don't they explain what they mean?