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(Unsolved) Question about billing refund (2022-08-21 06:58 PM)


I posted a discussion on 2022-08-21 06:58PM with the title of  "Question about billing refund."


Guess what, it has been a month and three months in total since I have this billing issue, and yet I still have not receive my refund.


The staff that handles my case said it involve different teams to approve my refund. BUT seriously, It has been three months now. you can travel around the world with that much time. It is just pure frustration and helplessness.


Can someone from the higher hierarchy in this company look up my case and give me a proper and official explanation on why does this took so long and give me an exact time for the release of refund. 


I have zero trust to this company and frontline staffs are just unreliable. Let's see how would the higher ranking staffs would react to my problem. Wait and see.





Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @BryanHo ,


I sincerely apologize for the lack of support regarding this inquiry. I have informed our billing support team of your logged ticket. We continue to thank you for your patience on this matter, and I will have the team review asap.