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Unsolicited inscription to a meeting


Some marketers (from which I bought a product once) have decided to include me in every Zoom Webinar they are now planning WITHOUT MY CONSENT. I have cancelled my participation several times, but I can't find anywhere a button to REPORT ABUSIVE INVITATIONS.

As you could tell, getting unsolicited Zoom invitations is quite annoying. I like Zoom, a particularly useful tool for many situations, but I don't want to get spammed through it.
Are you planning to do something about the situation I am telling you about?
Thank You


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @thesoultenor can you please share what the email you're receiving is like? Is this subscribed Zoom marketing emails for example from a sender like To unsubscribe  to marketing emails you can do so by clicking on unsubscribe within the email body. 


You can also unsubscribe by entering the email after the "=" within the URL

Zoom Community Moderator

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